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Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA - pronounced "sue-ya") works tirelessly to preserve the unique lands of Southern Utah. The group offers both educational services and provides legal defense.

You only get to develop wilderness once...then it is gone. Building a road so that people can see what a roadless area looks like doesn't work. Just looking at the great amount of deterioration that has occurred in my life time makes me extremely anxious for the future.

The quality of life in Moab depends on the quality of the land around this scenic paradise. There is no reason that everything must be developed in our lifetime and we need to be aggressive is preserving the land. So, although SUWA tends to be a tad confrontational for my tastes, I personally appreciate the efforts of the organization to preserve the land. I find myself cheering on SUWA's victories and have my heart torn from its roots at SUWA's many defeats.

The primary concern of SUWA is to protect public lands. This single focus often puts it at odds with the development of the Moab community. The Canyon Country Zephyr has an insightful article about Sue-Ya's failure to address Moab's most pressing concern: Preventing sprawl!

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