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Biological Soil Crust

You've been told not to stomp on them. Did you listen?


You've been told not to drive your ATV across them. Did you listen?


Well biological soil crusts now have their own web site on the net to plead their case. The site has the inside scoop on the microbiotic communities that stabilize the sand in arid regions like Moab.

Also known as cryptogamic, microbiotic, cryptobiotic, and microphytic crusts, Biological soil crusts are small communities made up of cyanobacteria, algea, mosses and lichens.

This web site has some cool pictures and information on the Canyonlands Research Station. All I can say, is read the site, and maybe you will finally be able to hear the soil scream.

In conclusion, I have just one thing to say:

Dude, Don't bust the crust.

Biological Soil Crusts

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