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Better Business Bureau-- Utah

The Better Business Bureau is a great idea. It is a member organization that works to improve business in the United States. The organization can benefit consumers. Bringing a third party into a complaint can often achieve positive results.

It is often a good idea for organizations with a great deal of customer contact to join the BBB. By developing a robust mechanism to handle consumer complaints, businesses are better able to provide customer service and will be a better business.

Unfortunately, the BBB is still answerable first to its members agencies. The BBB might show reports on the most flagrant businesses in Utah, but they really don't provide enough information to help consumers with important business decisions. The polling mechanism of listing complaints is far from perfect. The existence of a large number of complaints about a company is a good warning sign that they are not above board, but the absense or only a few complaints does not mean a business is truly a better business. In other words, I've dealt with a lot really shoddy businesses that have had stellar records with the BBB.

The main value of the BBB for consumers comes after the purchase. If they business does not respond to complaints and your feel your claim calls for a third party, they might be able to help.

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