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Discover Moab

Discover Moab is the official site by the Moab Area Travel Council. It is a web site with money to spend and have with a budget and funding from local businesses and taxpayers, the Travel Council site is one of the most complete travel sites for Moab.

If you are planning a vacation, you can order brochures from the travel council. If you are in Moab, you can ride your mountain bike down to the visitor center and pick up brochures. has a number of PDF format brochures and maps online.

The What to Do and What to See sections of the site give a quick, yet fairly comprehensive list of major attractions near Moab. They even have some nice extras like a moon chart to help star gazers plan their excursions on the darkest days.

The site is geared mainly toward the visitor to Moab. It adds a little bit of local flavor by listing many of the popular Movies Filmed in Moab. Discover Moab also has lists of hotels, campgrounds, restaurants and all of that jazz.

All in all, I must say for learning about Moab, DiscoverMoab is a much better site than say, well, uh, this site you are looking at right now.

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