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Rim Tours

The best way to see the desert is perched a top a mountain bike. The problem is the driving. A good multiday bike trip requires support. Deserts, by definition, have very little water. To run the White Rim Trail, you need a support vehicle filled with water, beer and other essentials.*

Enter Rim Tours. Rim Tours specializes is supporting multiday bike trips. The company has bike tours scheduled throughout the year. The trips include The White Rim Trail, The Maze, the The Kokopelli Trail and other popular destinations. In the winter, this intrepid band of cyclists is supporting trips in the Sonoran Desert.

The web site has online scrapbook with pictures of cyclists, blurbs on their guides and information on trips to other popular destinations such as Bend, Oregon, Durango, Crested Butte and Phoenix.

The Here's The Dirt page has a FAQ on the company's tours.

*It is also advisable to have spare bikes and bike parts just in case your bicycle explodes. Otherwise, you will be forced to sit in the car while everyone else has all of the fun. grumble, grumble.

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