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Hayduke Trail, The

Feel like stretching the legs?

Named for an Edward Abbey character, the Hayduke Trail is a desert hike that starts in Arches National Park, drops through Courthouse wash, skrirts the edges of Moab, climbs up Kane Creek, over Hurrah Pass then into Canyonlands where the hiker experiences the Dark Canyon Plateau, Youngs Canyon, Dark Canyon and the Sundance Trail followed by a walk along dirt roads through the big city lights of Hite, Utah then onto the Flint Trail the up Rock Canyon, along the Red Benches with a steep drop through Fiddler Cove Canyon to the confluence of the Dirty Devil River then up to Poison Springs to the Burr Trail in Capitol Reef from which one drops South along the Kaiparowits Plateau to a divide between Surprise Valley and Reese Canyon that starts at the Weeping Wall in Zions National Park, takes a drop through Arizona into the Grand Canyon, winds North through the Grand Staircase Escalante, then along the rim of Glen Canyon to Canyonlands, Moab and finishes in Arches.

Let's see, for this hike you would probably want a water bottle, a backpack and a super gnarly well honed hiking body that's been tested against the high desert elements.

On completion, your legs will be very well stretched.

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